Strategic Priorities & Initiatives

The office of the Associate Vice-President Teaching and Learning facilitates and supports student success in partnership with academic divisions and various resource and support units across campus.

The Office of the AVP Teaching and Learning strategic initiatives include:

  1. Technology Enhanced Learning (eLearning)  - To increase the prominence of technology enhanced learning so that students have tools, mobility and flexibility with learning
  2.  Experiential Education – To increase to the community focused and work  focused learning opportunities for students; to establish a measuring system to ensure quality and growth of in-class experiential education.
  3.  Internationalization of the curriculum - To encourage and facilitate internationalization of curriculum, which implies integrating an intercultural dimension into the learning and teaching process so that students can acquire an appreciation and understanding of international perspectives and become globally competent.
  4. Academic Leadership Development – To establish an effective academic leadership development system for Associate Deans and for Chairs and Directors, to ensure that future leaders have the competencies needed to lead the University in its pursuit of its future goals, and to drive and manage needed change.
  5.  Academic Innovation Fund (AIF) – To encourage and facilitate innovation in teaching, learning and the student experience through the provision of seed grants, which are made available to faculty, staff and students.
  6.  Communications and Promotion – To promote the culture of teaching and learning innovation through sharing experiences and best practices internally and externally.
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